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When facing complex septic issues, count on Sweet’s Services to provide non-invasive solutions to help you avoid costly excavation procedures. Sweet’s Services is the name you can count on for Terralift septic repair and drain field restoration in Shoshone, ID, and surrounding regions, complemented by traditional methods. This innovative technology targets soil compaction in drain fields, offering diverse alternatives to address septic system failures effectively.


Signs You Need Drain Field Restoration

Regular septic tank inspections are essential, yet property owners should also be familiar with their system to detect signs of septic failure early. Often, visible issues emerge after prolonged development, but proactive monitoring allows the scheduling of Terralift or other repairs before problems escalate.

Indications you may require Terralift repair include:

  • Localized pooling or wetness above the drain field

  • The septic tank fills rapidly or drains slowly

  • Drain backups and failures within the building

  • Foul smells in or around the property

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Our Terralift Septic Repair Services

Septic system failures can be challenging to diagnose due to various contributing factors. One significant underlying issue is soil compaction surrounding the drain field, which restricts drainage capacity and can lead to backups or complete failure, necessitating septic tank installation and replacement.

Our drain field restoration services make use of Terralift. Through Terralift technology, we utilize specialized equipment to address soil compaction effectively without causing extensive property damage. This system works by penetrating and aerating the soil beneath the surface, revitalizing the drainage field without excavation. By aerating the soil, it restores drainage capability and can postpone the need for complete replacement.

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Quick Terralift Septic Service FAQs

Terralift technology works by injecting a probe into the soil beneath the septic drain field. This probe then releases a controlled burst of compressed air, which fractures compacted soil layers and creates passageways for water to drain more effectively. This process helps rejuvenate the drain field without the need for extensive digging or disruption, making it a non-invasive solution for addressing septic system issues related to soil compaction.

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Benefits of Working With Our Drain Cleaning Company

Working with Sweet’s Services means benefiting from our 80+ years of experience in providing rooter services coupled with:


Free estimates or consultation


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Thanks to our extensive experience and expertise in addressing soil compaction issues, Sweet's Services excels in drain field restoration. We prioritize non-invasive solutions such as Terralift septic repairs that effectively rejuvenate drain fields, ensuring optimal septic system performance and longevity. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, coupled with our innovative approach and proven track record, makes Sweet's Services the preferred choice for septic system repairs in Shoshone, ID, and surrounding areas.

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