Efficient Hydro Excavating Services in All of Southern Idaho

Hydro excavating allows us to remove soil without digging a big trench. We use pressurized water and an air vacuum. The process requires no heavy equipment and maintains the integrity of the landscape. At Sweet's Septic Tank & Backhoe Service Inc., we serve as the trusted name for hydro excavation in Twin Falls, ID, and nearby areas.


The Biggest Issues We Address With Hydro Excavation

We use hydro excavating to address the need for utility installation or location within frozen soil. Our crew also uses hydro excavation to address your need for sign, pole or line installation. When a location’s wildlife, waterways, or traffic would experience harm from traditional excavation methods, hydro excavation allows us to do the work without causing damage.


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    How the Process of Hydro Excavating Works

    To perform the process of hydro excavating, we apply high-pressure water to the area in need of excavation. An air vacuum removes the resulting slurry and transfers it to a holding tank. We install the desired conduit, pole or pipe then replace the slurry.

    Ask us about hydro excavating and other excavating services today. We offer these solutions on the following areas:

    • Twin Falls

    • Jerome

    • Kimberly

    • Burley

    • Gooding

    • Hailey

    • Boise

    • Shoshone

    • Sun Valley

    • Ketchum

    • Bellevue

    • Stanley


    Hydro Excavating FAQs

    We excavate up to 70 feet in depth with this process.


    Four Generations of Exceptional Service

    Since our founding in 1942 by Russ Sweet, four generations of our family have provided top-notch customer service in Twin Falls and beyond. We stand behind our work, don’t up-sell, and offer honest assessments of your septic and sewer systems. We are also trusted for our:


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    southern Idaho


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