The Different Types of Drain Cleaning Methods


hydro jetting a pipe

There are different ways for effective drain cleaning in Shoshone, ID. Homeowners encounter these methods to address specific issues and different levels of blockages. Understanding these diverse approaches allows for quick and efficient resolution of clogged drains.

Professional drain cleaning services offer a comprehensive solution for various drainage issues. With advanced equipment and techniques, you can identify and eliminate heavier blockages. Each type of method applies to certain levels of clogging in your plumbing to restore optimal water flow.

Home DIY Remedies

For minor clogs, homeowners often turn to DIY clogged drain remedies. Chemical drain cleaners, enzymes, or natural solutions like baking soda and vinegar can break down organic matter causing the blockage. These methods may work for simple clogs, but they may not be as effective for more severe blockages. Some chemical cleaners can also damage your plumbing.

Drain Snaking

This method involves using a flexible auger to navigate through pipes. It breaks apart or pulls out blockages. Drain snaking is particularly effective for accumulated debris and tree roots. It works for localized clogs in a specific location in your plumbing that may be hard to reach and need focused work.


This is a powerful pipe cleaning technique using high-pressure water jet streams. It dislodges and removes major blockages. It’s also effective for clearing grease, scale, and other debris clinging to the pipe walls. Hydro jetting not only eliminates existing clogs but also helps prevent buildups.

Rooter Services

Our rooter services address tree root infiltration. It’s a common cause of drain blockages. Rooter machines use rotating blades to cut through roots and clear the obstructed pipes. Regular rooter services prevent extensive root damage and maintain proper drainage.

Different types of drain cleaning methods cater to a range of issues homeowners may encounter. Call Sweet’s Services today for drain cleaning services that fit your clogging situation. We’ve been the local sewer and drain specialists since 1942. We are available 24/7 and for emergency services anytime.

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