Pressure Washing

Make your Twin Falls home or business shine with high-power pressure washing services to remove the dirt and other build up on the building. You can also call us to clean barns, office buildings, cars, RVs, trucks, roofs, windows, parking lots, and just about anything else!

Spot Free

By using de-ionized or soft water for our Twin Falls high-power pressure washing, you won't be left with unsightly spots on your car or RV and get a spot-free shine instead.


We utilize hot, cold water or steam at varying pressures to get the results you want.                                                                                                                  


Environmental contaminants from high-power pressure washing may cause damage to your Twin Falls home or business. We have what it takes to help protect your investments.

The job is always done right! With vacuum units, water is removed from the area to prevent damage to surrounding structures, such as garages. The water is hauled off the premises for disposal or filtered to meet EPA clean water standards.






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Sweet's Septic is here for all your needs, we are armed with the knowledge and experience necessary to prevent costly problems.