Sun Valley Hydro Jetting

Sweet’s Septic is a public works licensed company, and we can provide hydro jetting services in Sun Valley for residential sewer lines and farm and dairy lines between 2 inches and 60 inches in diameter, up to 2,000 feet long. Our team can efficiently clear debris from pipelines using our high-tech hydro jetters, which can jet and vacuum simultaneously.

As opposed to other forms of debris clearing, hydro jetting provides a more comprehensive solution. It doesn’t just knock the debris from your pipelines, it fully cleans them and flushes them out. Because of how thoroughly it cleans pipes, hydro jetting also helps reduce the risk of future clogs.

Before we hydro jet your pipelines, we inspect them to see where blockages are. Our PACP licensed operator uses a tractor sewer inspection camera for our Sun Valley hydro jetting jobs to accurately identify the problem and its location. We can also convert the sewer inspection footage to any format you prefer, including DVD, VHS, and CD, so you can clearly see the inside of the pipes and the areas that need repairs. Our sewer inspection cameras allow us to effectively diagnose the issues and provide you the best service possible. We also provide 24/7 emergency hydro jetting services in Sun Valley, so if you need immediate assistance, call us and we’ll be there to help!

Real Time

With the modern technology used to look at your pipes, you can see the issues in real time. You don't have to take our word for it; you can see it for yourself!

Any Depth

The sewer inspection cameras used for large diameter pipes are equipped with inclometers that can measure the slope and depth of pipes.


Emergencies happen at all hours of the day. That's why we offer you our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have an emergency, call us to help!

Hydro Excavation

In addition to the hydro jetting services we provide in Sun Valley, our team uses a sizable, truck-mounted vacuum and high water pressure to perform hydro excavation services for residential and commercial properties. This process safely removes soil and debris from around ground utilities without damaging them. Our specialized equipment allows us to access hard-to-reach areas that some conventional excavation equipment can’t reach. We can trench, pothole, or dig out areas with accuracy and precision. When you need excavation and hydro jetting services in Sun Valley, count on Sweet’s Septic!







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